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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Wonderfully Crafted...Beyond the Dead Forest

Beyond the Dead Forest by Steve Groll draws you in and doesn't let go...Carter and Kat are best friends that know the area in which they live like the back of their hands...that is, until the 'dead forest' appears one day and is unlike anything they've ever seen. On this particular visit, they meet a strange man...and their journey begins. Carter and Kat takes the adventure of their lives that changes everything they've known and has the potential to change their whole lives...and the lives of everyone they come in contact with.
Steve does a wonderful job pulling the reader into the story and lets you experience the journey along with Carter and Kat. You catch yourself trying to make decisions right along with them and wondering if you'd be able to make the 'hard' choices that they do...or if you'd take the easy way out. Beyond the Dead Forest is a lesson in faith, love and unselfishness. The Advesary tries to do all he can to mislead the partners, but they have the ultimate champion, the Guardian...but they have to make the choice on who to follow.
This is one of the best books I've read that explain things about the bible, choices and faith that is aimed at our youth and is great for adults as well! What does it mean to believe, have faith and to make choices, even hard ones, when you are a Christian. There are always choices, but only the right ones will set you free.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Book Review of 'A Simpler Time' by Laura Eckroat

A Simpler Time by Laura Eckroat is delightful. The first thing that grabbed me was the illustrations, but the story is what captivated my imagination and brought back so many fond, childhood memories. 'A Simpler Time' encourages you to slow down and really appreciate what is around you, in nature, not in technology. While gadgets are fun, new and exciting...at least for a while, the world around you has so much more to offer and it changes daily!
One of my favorite summer memories as a child is catching fireflies, this is something my children also love to do now. This book not only encourages imagination, but encourages families to spend time together creating wonderful memories that will last longer than any ipod or video game.
This book is great for almost everybody! Give it as a gift for a birthday, holiday or just any occasion. It will remind adults of simpler times and show children that there is more to life than playing games, sitting at a computer, etc...
Great book! Loved it!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Review for 'The Life of Bud' by Laura Eckroat

'The Life of Bud' by Laura Eckroat is a sweet, vividly illustrated story of the cycle of life. Bud enters life as, well, a bud. He goes through the cycles of life with the guidance of his fellow, more mature leaves. As Bud reaches each stage of his life, his fellow leaves explain that each season is natural and should be embraced. Bud has wonderful memories of each experience of the seasons and is sad to know that it all comes to an end eventually.
This is a gentle and loving way to explain the facts of death to younger children, it nicely ends with the explaination that life will continue. The only reason I didn't give it a 5 star rating is that younger children might need further explaination on what the story is saying. That being said, it is a great way to open the door for conversation.
I would recommend this book to anyone with children, to teachers, for churches, pre-schools and grandparents. It is a beautifully written and lovingly illustrated book.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

From Zero to Christian in 35 Years by Lori A. Moore

From Zero to Christian in 35 Years by Lori A. Moore is a well written, beautifully told story. Lori takes you into her life before and after coming to know the Lord. She strips down the glossy overlay people tend to put over the 'rough patches' in life and shows her life as it is.
As a child, Lori was not introduced to any religion, her parents deciding that their children should choose for themselves but never giving them any education about any religion. Lori comes to know religion as too many people do, stiff, no nonsense, and unbending...Fortunetly God had plans for Lori and made sure the right people came into her life to lead her to find what knowing God was really about.
Lori didn't have an easy life, feelings of loniless, abandonment, feelings of being unloved...she searched for love the only way she had known to find it, with sex. She was heading down the wrong road in life but yet, God was there watching over her and protecting her, even though she didn't realize it until much later.
Lori tells us her story in an intriguing, straight to the point way that brings the reader along in a quick, easy to read story. She tells it like it is. She admits her faults and embraces them. She recognizes she is how God made her and what she does with her life is up to her...and she chooses to honor God in all she does. Lori doesn't claim to be perfect, in fact, she readily admits that perfection is impossible. She does the best she can and leaves the rest up to God.
Great read and I recommend it to anyone struggling with acceptance of their own faults, letting God have the control and anyone just needing an uplifting, heartwarming read about a true child of God and her journey to her Father. -Reviewed by Ursula Gorman, author of Old Acquaintances.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Author's Fair

If you are in the area (Springfield Mo) on Saturday, October. 9th, stop in at the Library Center for the Author's Fair from 11-2. There will be 40+ authors in attendance. http://thelibrary.org/press/article.cfm?aid=1104 Check out the website to see a list of all the author's that will be there...It is my first event and I can't wait to experience it!
My husband and I spent some time yesterday working on how to set up my table to make it eye appealing and bring people over to check out my book. I will also have a drawing for a giveaway...so be sure to swing by my table and check it out and pick up your own copy of 'Old Acquaintances'!
I can't wait to meet you!

Friday, October 1, 2010

First Batch of Books

I received my first batch of books Monday...way too exciting. I had just gone to lunch when my husband sent me a message that the books were in. I dashed home to take a look...so excited that it was all I could do to keep my butt in the seat while driving home. (And yes, I watched my speed...)
I arrived home and picked up my first book, hands shaking and stomach full of butterflies. Oh to actually have them in my hands! The last seven months of the publishing process culminating in this one moment, my words in a book for the whole world to see! All the waiting, the hurrying to meet deadlines, the waiting, etc...was now in the book I was holding in my hands...Amazing! God is good!!
Since I had to go back to work, I decided to go ahead and sign and deliver the ones that had been pre-ordered by co-workers. I was surprised by how shaky my hand was when I started to sign the books. Which signing books seemed really weird anyway! The first couple were a little shaky, but I don't think anyone will really notice.
I got back to work and delivered my books and showed it off to some friends. I was pretty useless for a bit when I got back to work! lol
I ended up selling an additional 7 books to co-workers that day which only jacked up the excitement level! Of course, it also jacked up the nerves! Knowing people I know personally would be reading my book...what if they don't like it? What if they think it's lame or boring? What if they think I'm a really bad writer and who would want to publish me? Can you tell I tend to prepare for the worst? I don't know what will happen when I get my first bad review. And yes, I said when, not if. I know it will happen.
Luckily, I have had only positive comments so far. Tuesday, one of my co-workers let me know that she sat down the night before and couldn't put it down! She loved it. She said it was fast paced and couldn't wait to get to the end, but once she was done, she was sad it was over. What a great compliment!
So, now I just keep trying to get the word out about Old Acquaintances and hope people tell other people about it and how much they loved it. I keep plugging away and look forward to my very first event on Oct. 9th. I am so lucky to have found out about an Author's Fair at the main library in Springfield Mo- the Library Center- and I was able to get a table! There is supposed to be 30 to 50 authors there. I can't wait.
If you've read Old Acquaintances, spread the word...If you haven't, you can get it through me or Tate Publishing! Whatever your reading pleasure is...Good reading everyone!