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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Photo Contest Ended

There was a really good turn out for votes for the photo contest to help me choose the picture I'll use for the Author Bio Picture. The new picture on my blog was the winner. I will eventually replace the picture with my books cover art, but why not start using the winning photo now?
I was thrilled at the response to the contest. Erice Wayne Wilcox won the drawing for a copy of a signed 'Old Acquaintances' when I get my advanced copies. Erice's wife Mary wrote 'First Rose'. It's a fantastic book and I encourage all of you that have ever wondered what life in heaven would be like to pick up the book. You won't regret it, I didn't!
Eleven more days and I get my next round of edits...Yeah! Things are moving right along. It seemed to take forever for anyone to even start working on my book and now, I'm happy to say, I don't have long to wait between projects. That helps the anxiety level.
Today is my daughter's birthday and it's time to have cake and ice cream. So I part with Happy Birthday wishes for my beautiful daughter and a God bless to all of you.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Photo Contest on Facebook

Well, the time has finally arrived. 'Old Acquaintances' is having its first ever contest...but you have to be on facebook! If you are already on fb, join 'Old Acquaintances' fan page and vote! You, the fans, get to decide on which picture will be used for the author's photo on the back of the book and on marketing/promotional items.
All you have to do is vote for your favorite picture and you are entered into the drawing to win a pre-release signed copy of 'Old Acquaintances' when I get my authors copies.
Follow the link to the fb page, join and vote...it's that easy. Tell your friends that enjoy mystery/romance books to check it out too! Good luck!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Author Bio Picture Contest

After debating whether to put a picture on the back of the book or not, I've decided to do it. That is assuming I can find one that I like. That's the tough part...you are your own worst critic.
So, my sister-in-law and I will be going to different sites around town this Saturday and taking, hopefully, some great shots. We are going to try some outdoorsy looking pictures in a beautiful park. Then we want to try going to downtown and check out some locations around old, worn out buildings.
With 'Old Acquaintances' being a mystery/romance, I thought it would be neat to play up the 'mystery' side in the picture. So some old brick buildings, boarded up doorways, etc...would be dark and edgy, right?! Well, it's an idea.
Once we are done with that, I will take the pictures home, go through them to pick out the best, then I'll post them on the 'Old Acquaintances' fan page on facebook and let the fans decide! If you are a fan already, check the fb page next week to vote. If you aren't or know someone that would be interested in mystery/romance, send them to the page. Everyone that votes on their favorite picture will be entered into a drawing for a free, signed copy of 'Old Acquaintances'. The winner will be one of the first to receive a copy of 'Old Acquaintances'. It will be sent to the winner as soon as I get my first shipment...Good Luck!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book review of 'Illumination Station' by Jennifer Mauter

The children’s book “Illumination Station” by Jennifer Mauter is an endearing book about light bulbs and how following God’s word help them shine brightly. This book is geared for young children to help them understand what God’s plan for them is and to show them that following God’s will helps their own light to shine. The use of light bulbs to show how God can make your ‘light shine’ is creative, wonderful and a perfect way to help children relate to God’s message.
Wally and Sam are two residents living in Illumination Station; they are light bulbs and best friends that share a love for God and adventure.
The love of adventure takes them away from Gods word when they make a conscious choice to go against God’s, and their parents, wishes. They find themselves faced with temptation that leads them to a scary and dark place full of dimly lit and mean spirited light bulbs, and they themselves start to dim.
Realizing they have made a terrible mistake by not following God’s word, they turn to prayer and beg God’s forgiveness and protection. The journey that follows is to help them realize that while it isn’t easy to avoid temptation, it is the right choice. Doing the right thing helps God’s light shine through you and others will notice. God’s light shining from Wally and Sam effects those that aren’t shining brightly; it gives them the chance to share God’s light and love.
“Illumination Station” does a wonderful job of explaining God’s love and forgiveness in a moving and understandable story that children will love.

Reviewed by Ursula Gorman author of ‘Old Acquaintances’ (release date late 2010/early 2011)

First Round Edits

Hello everyone! My first round of edits has arrived, three days earlier than anticipated. I think I have Memorial Day falling on the day I was supposed to receive them to thank for the early delivery. I checked my e-mail on Friday, not expecting anything, but always hoping...lo and behold, they were there!
So, at 9:30 at night on a Friday, I started on my edits. I worked 4 hours on them, then started again at 8:30 the next morning and work for 6 hours. The thing is, there weren't as many edit suggestions as I had feared...
I took some time off on Saturday afternoon and Sunday to be with my family. I hit the edits again Sunday night for 3 hours than Monday for 4 more hours...So to date, I've worked a total of 17 hours on editing.
Now to deliver the work to a very good friend who is the best proof reader I've ever known! She is going to read over it, look for mistakes, typos, etc...that may have been missed or have been added when I went in working on edits. I will have time to 'fix' any mistakes I may have made once she checks the manuscript.
I intend to use the full two weeks allotted me to work on editing, but I figure now is a good time for my friend to look it over, it'll give me time away from it so when I come back, it'll be with 'fresher' eyes.
I think the suggestion made were 'spot on' and I look forward to my editor going back over it and seeing if I met her expectations...so far, Tate Publishing has met mine!