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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Great Paranormal and Intense Read!!!

Wisp by Kevin R. Maze is not a book I normally would have picked up to read. Don't get me wrong, it sounded good, but it didn't have the formula I usually look for in a book...That being said, I am thankful for the opportunity to read Wisp! I actaully won a copy of the ebook and am so glad I did!

The story starts out with a great hook and doesn't let go throughout the story. It is over 200 pages, and with each page, I couldn't wait to get to the next to see what was going to happen. Wisp is a well thought out and well written story that pulls you and and doesn't let go. While you realize something 'super natural' is happening, the ending was still a surprise.

I couldn't quite give it 5 stars, even though it is a great story...The only thing that kept it from getting the 5th star was the fact that some 'bad' people got away with being 'bad' in the end. There was one in particular that I would like to have seen, at the least, arrested. But I would still highly recommend this book to anyone that likes suspense, mystery and the paranormal!

Ursula Gorman
Author of Old Acquaintances

Fabulous Find!!!

I have people ask me quite often,"Can I get your book at Barnes and Noble?" My answer has always been the same, "They can order it for you, but until it is requested numerous times, they don't usually carry unknown or unproven authors on their shelves."
So, one day I was in the area and decide it might be a good idea to go into B&N and make sure I was telling people accurate information. I went up to the service desk and explained to the lady behind the counter that I had written a book. Before I was even done explaining myself, she got this look of..."Really?" That almost 'whatever' face or 'here it comes again' face. But I continued...I told her I had been informing people that they could get my book ordered if they came in and asked. I explained that I didn't want to misinform people. She, kind of snobbishly, agreed that it was a good thing to check on.
She punched in the title of my book and kind of paused. I figured maybe she had a few different books to look through so I gave her my first name since it is so unusual, thinking that would help. She didn't punch anything in though so I was concerned that I had been telling people wrong.
She said, "Well, we actually have six of them in stock." I think you could have knocked me over with a feather! Not only did her attitude improve, but she introduced me to the store manager, then went to get my books off the shelf to see if I would sign them. I couldn't quit smiling..."Absolutely" I said!
My day, week, month...had just been made! Barnes and Noble in Springfield, Mo., has my book IN STOCK!!!! Wow!
The woman turned out to be very nice. So I'm not sure if I had misread her reaction to me or if she gets a lot of kooks in there asking weird questions! lol
It was a stop well worth the time!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Blog Events

Old Acquaintances and I will be featured on two blog posts in July. The week of July 4th, I will be the spotlight author on the blog Operation Encourage an Author. I will be checking in periodically throughout the week to respond to posts left.
Then on July 10th, I will be featured on the blog, Romancing the Book. I will be checking in during most of the day to respond to posts left.
Please check in...post a question or two...leave a comment...I know there will be a book giveaway during one of them, hopefully both!
Look forward to seeing you there! Tell a friend to stop by and visit too!